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Dog Walking In Newquay

Cornwall, UK

At Houndology we know how much you love your dogs, and with today’s busy lifestyle and always being on the go sometimes it can be hard to fit in daily physically and mentally stimulating dog walks.

This is where Houndology can help you with our dog walking service. We can give you the peace of mind you need knowing your dog is in good hands, and giving your dog the fresh air and stimulation to help keep them happy and healthy.

Our dog walks are tailored to each dog’s needs and fitness levels, and we are always happy to try and fit any other customer requests. Dogs are always supervised on the walks and we offer fresh water throughout with collapsible bowls and bottles of water. We will also towel dry any wet dogs and wipe and clean their feet. If their feet need a little TLC we will spray with an animal friendly antiseptic spray and apply paw balm. We also offer an extra service of a bath and blow dry so your dog smells clean and fresh!

Our walks always have your dogs comfort and safety as our first priority, and we tailor the level of exercise to suit each dogs needs. We try to keep each walk different from the previous, this ensures lots of lovely new sights and smells for your dog to explore and new adventures each time.

If you have a dog that is nervous of other dogs, then we recommend a 1-2-1 dog walk, this is to ensure the safety of your dog and others too. You may find over time, with training, that they may be OK to walk with specific dogs, however this does take time, and even then they may prefer 1-2-1 walks, which we are happy to provide.

Wherever we go on our walks we always ensure we pick up after ourselves, leaving nothing but memories and paw prints.

Dog Walking FAQ's

How Many Dogs Do You Walk At One Time?

I walk a maximum of 3 dogs at one time. I keep numbers low to ensure each dog gets lots of attention and care.

Will I meet you before you walk my dog(s)?

Absolutely! I insist on us meeting before you entrust your dog to me. This also gives you a chance to ask me any questions you may have about me, I get to meet you and your dog and get to know your dogs personality and any requirements you may have.

Do you arrange pick up and drop offs?

We will collect your dog from your home, work or designated pre-arranged place you request and also return them wherever you want or need them returned to.

You do not need to be home when we pick up your dogs, you can share your keys with us, share a code to a lock box or leave a key in a safe place that you have pre-arranged with us.

Where will you walk my dog(s)?

We tailor our walks to your dogs’ needs and requirements; we also try to mix the walking environments to keep things interesting for your dog.

A small selection of walks include: beaches, The Gannel, sand dunes, woodland areas. If your dog has a favourite walk, be sure to let us know!

Will you still walk my dog in bad weather?

In dog walking there is no such thing as “bad weather” let’s just say we get very wet sometimes! We will dry your dog as much as possible with a towel; we usually have a towel handy. At times we may also ask you to leave the hose out, just in case.

Will you let my dog go off lead?

The first couple of walks I will your dog on lead, once I’m sure your dog has their recall down, and I have written consent from you, then they can go off lead.

I only need my dog walked with you occasionally, is this something you can do?

Absolutely, just be sure to contact us with plenty of notice to make sure we have space in the diary!

How do you transport dogs to the walk location?

My car is fully insured for business use, and kitted out for transporting dogs. The dogs are secured with a doggie seatbelt, which attaches to a collar or harness.

Are you insured?

Yes, Houndology is fully insured; please feel free to ask to see a copy of our insurance certificate.

What are your qualifications?

Before becoming a dog walker and dog sitter I was a dog groomer for 5 years. I have studied canine body language with The Dog Training College and I have completed canine first aid (and always carry a canine first aid kit).

I’ve just got a puppy and work full time, would you be able to help?

Yes, puppies need to go out several times a day (roughly every 2-3 hours) to toilet. So I can pop in and feed them, let them out to the toilet and play with them. I can also take them for a short walk, suitable for their age. I can also help with basic training requirements, I only use positive reinforcement.
Once your puppy has had their vaccinations they can mix with other dogs I take on walks, unless you would prefer them to have a solo walk.

What security measures do you take?

Keys: Any keys are kept separate to any of your personal information. This is also the same for lock-box/key safe codes. In the event of a key being lost or stolen, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Personal information: All personal information is kept locked away in accordance with GDPR, and no information shall ever be sold to third parties.

What happens if my dog doesn’t get on with another dog on their walk?

If your dog doesn’t get on with another dog on a group walk, then we will swap the group around to find a better balanced group.

My dog hasn’t been spayed/neutered; can they still walk with you?

This will be discussed with you at the initial consultation, every dog is considered individually, but we also reserve the right to refuse to walk a dog. We may also suggest a solo walk where they can have some one on one care and attention whilst enjoying their walk.

What happens if my bitch is in season?

We will still walk your dog if you wish us to do so; however we will do a solo walk, on a lead. We will take your dog on a quieter walk; this is to ensure there is limited interaction between other dogs.

My dog needs to wear a muzzle, can you still walk them?

We can still walk them provided they are ok with us, and we would only offer solo walks for them as this is safer for them and other dogs.

What do you do in case of emergency?

In the unlikely event of an emergency we will immediately call and notify you. We may also contact another designated emergency family member, we will ask you for this information before the first walk/dog sitting session.

If we need to take your dog to the vets then we will take them to your named vets, or depending on the circumstances the nearest possible vets.

  • We have had Rhian walk our dogs for us on a near daily basis for a couple of months now due to our ever growing work schedules and we have been really impressed with her professionalism, communication and willingness to go above and beyond when needed. Our dogs Tilly and Bruce both love the time they spend with her exploring the Cornish countryside, we couldn't have found anyone better to walk them for us.
    Amy Jones - Newquay, Cornwall, UK


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