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About Me

Hi, My Name Is Rhian & I Run Houndology
Houndology Rhian

I’m A Dog Walker, Pet Sitter & Animal Reiki Practitioner Based In Newquay, Cornwall, UK

As a teenager I worked in dog kennels and growing up I was always surrounded by dogs. I then went off to university and worked in laboratories, but there was still something I felt was missing; I missed interacting and working with dogs! So I applied for a job as a trainee dog groomer, I loved it! I was back working with dogs!

I was a dog groomer for 5 years and during this time I found my love for canine body language and psychology, I have since done courses on canine body language and how to interpret this, as well as keeping up to date with canine first aid and doing workshops on canine psychology and aggressive behaviour. I have a huge love of dogs and enjoy learning about their behaviour and being in their company.

I have also studied canine reiki and love that I can incorporate this with my love of canine body language, canine psychology and dog walking.

Here is some random information about me:

  • My hair frequently changes colour, I must have been through all the colours of the rainbow by now!
  • As a child my family had a border collie called Roly; we named him after the chubby one in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.
  • I’m a huge Disney fan; I refuse to let my partner throw away my Disney DVD collection (even though I have Disney+! Also Disney, if you see this and want to sponsor me…WINNING. AT. LIFE!).
  • I love the sea, especially in autumn and winter!
  • One of my favourite places I’ve visited is Iceland. I’ve been once in the winter and once in the summer and love both!
  • I studied human biology at university and worked in a morgue, seriously…people are dying to get in there! *ba-dum-dum-tsh*
  • I’m a huge chocolate lover.
  • I love books, my “to read” pile far exceeds my “read” pile. I have a kindle, but nothing beats a good paper book.