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Dog Sitting In Newquay

Cornwall, UK

At Houndology we understand that your furry friend is not just a pet but a cherished member of your family. That’s why we’re here to offer you the most reliable, professional, and loving dog sitting service in Newquay, Cornwall, UK. We offer a dog sitting service that goes beyond the ordinary, offering unparalleled love, care, and attention. Let your four-legged friend embark on an adventure of their own, filled with endless wagging tails.


Personalised Care: At Houndology, we recognise that every dog has a unique personality and individual needs. Houndology takes the time to understand your pet’s preferences, routines, and quirks, ensuring they feel right at home in our care. It’s not just about taking care of a dog; it’s about forging a genuine connection with your beloved companion.

Tailored Adventures: We offer tailored dog walks for your canine companions. From beach strolls and exhilarating hikes to playful romps in secure, dog-friendly paddocks, we understand that each dog is a world of wonder waiting to be explored. Our tailored adventures are not just about keeping your dog active, but creating moments of joy, discovery and stimulation.

Safety First: At Houndology, the well-being and safety of your cherished canine companion is at the forefront of everything we do, not only are we passionate about dogs but we are also well-versed in dog behaviour and safety protocols. Houndology is trained in canine first aid and canine body language guaranteeing that your dog is in capable hands.

Regular Updates: We understand how much you miss your pet when you’re away from them. That’s why we provide regular updates, including photos and videos, so you can witness their joyful moments and adventures firsthand.

Holiday Dog Sitting: Are you planning a getaway to the scenic shores of Newquay but worried about leaving your beloved canine companion behind? Why not bring them with you and Houndology will look after your dog for you in your holiday home whilst you’re out exploring beautiful Cornwall. We go the extra mile to make your dog’s holiday just as enjoyable as yours.


Will I meet you before you sit for my dog(s)?

Absolutely! I insist on us meeting before you entrust your dog to me. This also gives you a chance to ask me any questions you may have about me, I get to meet you and your dog and get to know your dogs personality and any requirements you may have.

Do I need to be home when you arrive to sit for my dog?

No, you can share your keys with me, share a code to a lock box or leave a key in a safe place that you have pre-arranged.

Do you stay in our home whilst looking after our dog over night?

Yes I do, this helps your dog to feel more relaxed around me, and they can stay in their walking and feeding routine.

Can my dog stay with you?

Unfortunately I do not have the facilities to accommodate this. By Staying with your dog in your home it can help to reduce the stress of a new environment, and there is also no stress from other dogs.

My dog has medication; can you give it to them?

Yes, I can give your dog their medication. I may require you to fill in a consent form to say we have spoken about their medication and gone through how often they need it, and how much.

Will my dog be supervised at all times?

Your dog may be left for up to an hour at a time, but never longer than this, unless you specify that your dog has anxiety issues and cannot be left alone. Houndology will take a maximum of 3 hours in a 24 hour period for personal time, but only ever an hour at a time (unless specified, as previously mentioned).

Are dog Walks included in my dogs sitting session?

Unless specified by you, a dog sitting session will include a dog walk. I like to try and keep dogs to their normal routine that includes feeding times and walks. You can learn more about my dog walking service here.

Are you insured?

Yes, Houndology is fully insured; please feel free to ask to see a copy of our insurance certificate.

What are your qualifications?

Before becoming a dog walker and dog sitter I was a dog groomer for 5 years. I have studied canine body language with The Dog Training College and I have completed canine first aid (and always carry a canine first aid kit).

I’ve just got a puppy and work full time, would you be able to help?

Yes, puppies need to go out several times a day (roughly every 2-3 hours) to toilet. So I can pop in and feed them, let them out to the toilet and play with them. I can also take them for a short walk, suitable for their age. I can also help with basic training requirements, I only use positive reinforcement.
Once your puppy has had their vaccinations they can mix with other dogs I take on walks, unless you would prefer them to have a solo walk.

What security measures do you take?

Keys: Any keys are kept separate to any of your personal information. This is also the same for lock-box/key safe codes. In the event of a key being lost or stolen, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Personal information: All personal information is kept locked away in accordance with GDPR, and no information shall ever be sold to third parties.

What do you do in case of emergency?

In the unlikely event of an emergency we will immediately call and notify you. We may also contact another designated emergency family member, we will ask you for this information before the first walk/dog sitting session.

If we need to take your dog to the vets then we will take them to your named vets, or depending on the circumstances the nearest possible vets.

  • We had Rhian look after Archer and Mollie whilst we were visiting Newquay and we didn't want to leave them in the holiday chalet on their own. Houndology came highly recommended when we asked on a local forum for somebody who offered pet sitting services. She turned up on time, stayed with them and cared for them for the duration of us being out and about in Cornwall and sent us regular updates and photos of them having the best time with her. We thorough recommend Houndology and will certainly use them again in the future.
    Mark Hatcham - Newquay, Cornwall, UK


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