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Nail Clipping

In Newquay, Cornwall, UK

The Importance of Nail Clipping.

All dogs will need to have their nails cut, even if it is just the dewclaws (the one further up their front legs) and there are many benefits to them having this done. Dogs that spend a lot of time running about on pavement or concrete will naturally grind their nails down, but grassy walks and health conditions means some dogs may not grind their nails down as much as possible.

Long nails can injure your dog, when their nails are constantly touching the ground they put pressure on the nail bed causing pain for your dog and pressure on the toe joint. If this persists for a long period of time it can realign the joints of the lower leg and foot. In some cases overgrown nails can curl round and grow into the pads of the feet which in turn can cause pain and infections and may need a trip to the vet. Even if the nails are not curling into the pads long nails can become torn or split which again may need a trip to the vets.

Generally speaking the right length for dogs nails is off of the floor when they are standing, that being said the nail can really only be cut to just below the quick (which is the vein and nerve inside the nail). If dogs’ nails are left for a long period of time to get long the quick grows longer too making it slightly harder to reduce the length of the nails without cutting the quick. However it is possible over time to cut the nails more often to reduce the length of the quick.

Clipping your dogs nails is an important part of their grooming routine, contact us to get a nail maintenance routine started.


  • I do not like clipping our dog's nails, it scares me that I will get it wrong and I will hurt them so it was nice to find a dog groomer who would allow me to book them in for nail clipping only. Making an appointment was easy, they clipped all of their nails with care and I was on my way in no time at all. I'll certainly return when they are next due a full groom, thank you for the excellent service.
    Helen Carter - Newquay, Cornwall, UK


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