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Deshedding helps to remove undercoat that may not be removed with normal brushing, by removing the excess undercoat it can help to reduce the amount of hair your dog sheds around your home (Less hoovering, yay!).

Shedding is a natural process that all animals with fur go through. Some breeds will shed throughout the year, some only twice a year; it all depends on the individual dog and the breed. Some breeds, like poodles don’t shed at all, however they still need a lot of brushing and clipping to maintain the coat.

We help the shedding process by blowing out the undercoat and using specifically designed brushes to help remove the excess hair. This is the most effective way to reduce dogs shedding as it aids the process without causing pain or discomfort to the dog.

Dogs have a top coat, also known as guard hairs which are longer and coarser, this hair offers repels water, blocks sunlight and helps to reduce the severity of cuts or scratches. Dogs also have an undercoat, also known as down hair which is wavy/curly, shorter and helps to thermo regulate the dogs. This helps to keep the dog warm in the colder months and cooler in the warmer months.

Double coated dogs have a top coat and an undercoat; single coated dogs only have the top coat. Single coated dogs, such as Kerry blue terrier, Maltese, Poodles, Norfolk terrier, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier don’t shed seasonally and are considered to be more hypoallergenic, however they still shed it is just not as noticeable.

All dogs shed all year round; hair constantly falls out and re-grows in a cycle. The shedding phase of the hair cycle is when the hair falls out, but we only tend to think of shedding when we think of seasonal shedding. Seasonal shedding tends to happen twice a year generally when the weather gets warmer and then when it starts to get colder. When the weather gets warmer the undercoat falls out and when the weather gets colder the topcoat falls out to make room for the fresh undercoat.

Due to most dogs living indoors they are exposed heating and artificial lighting which disrupts the shedding cycle and because the cycle is disrupted the dog tends to shed all year round. If a dog is in a nice warm house in the middle of winter then their shedding cycle probably thinks it is spring or summer and starts to shed.

Whilst deshedding your dog is beneficial and helps to reduce the amount of hair on your dog, it doesn’t stop the process of shedding. Which a lot of owners can find confusing, but by reducing the amount of hair on your dog it is possible to reduce the amount of hair in your home and regular deshedding will help you to see a big improvement.

Deshedding should be done regularly and on a regular schedule so your dog can get noticeable results and reap the benefits.

  • We've used a couple of dog groomers in the past, some we have loved, some we've only ever visited once as we've not been satisfied with either the service or the groom. With Houndology however, we know what we are going to get. A big smile with a warm greeting for both Lucy and myself, a professional service tailored to how we like our grooms and staff who fall over themselves to ensure we are happy. We wont go anywhere else now, what an exceptional service you provide.
    Nicky Williams - Newquay, Cornwall, UK


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