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Bath & Brush

In Newquay, Cornwall, UK

There are many benefits to brushing and bathing your dog, did you know that regularly brushing your dog can help to build and maintain a bond between you both, even short haired breeds!

Regular brushing can reduce the amount of hair you dog can leave in your home, brushing your dog creates a sense of relaxation for them and stimulates oils in the skin to create a healthier, shinier coat and it prevents mats and knots from forming. Medium and long haired dogs can be groomed daily, especially during shedding seasons, which tend to be spring/summer time and again when it starts to get colder. Short haired dogs can be brushed roughly 3 times a week.

Different coat types need to be brushed with different types of brushes; also the size of the dog will depend on the size of the brush. Certain areas of a dog will shed more than others, which can vary between breeds, but generally the neck areas and near the top of the back legs.

If matting occurs do not attempt to brush them out as this can be really painful for your dog, the mats will need to be clipped out and depending on how severe the matting is this may mean a short cut to get underneath the mats. Once the dog is mat free they will feel much happier, and their coat will be easier for you to brush and maintain.

Whilst we brush your dog we will be keeping an eye out for excessive shedding, bald patches, hot spots or anything unusual about your dogs’ skin or fur; if we do notice anything you will be notified by us and we may recommend a trip to the vet just to make sure it is nothing to worry about.

Bathing your dog also shares many benefits to brushing your dog; obviously one of the main benefits is bathing your dog helps to remove bad odours and dirt from the skin and coat. If your dog has an inflamed or infected skin or damaged hair frequent bathing can encourage the skin and hair to heal.

If your dog has a bacterial, fungal or yeast infection frequent bathing will help to kill the infectious organisms, by bringing your dogs medicated shampoo with you to their groom we can help to continue their course of medication and improving the condition of their skin.

Even if your dog doesn’t need a medicated shampoo we will use a shampoo suited to their coat type. Poodles or other wool coated breeds will tend to need a shampoo with added conditioner to add some moisture to the coat, white coated dogs will have a shampoo to enhance the whiteness of their coat, and if a dog is particularly dirty we can use a type of shampoo to get dirt and grime that is deep in the coat. The shampoo is massaged into the dogs coat to get right down to the skin to remove all the dirt, the shampoo massage also encourages blood to the surface to help hair growth. We then use a high velocity dryer to blast the excess water out of the dogs coat and to encourage the coat to dry. We spray the coat with coat conditioner to help protect the hair and then dry the coat. The coat is brushed out and spritzed with fragrance.

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  • My collie Beau didn't need a trim, she was just filthy after an enjoyable week away jumping in and out of the sea and running along the beaches every day. Once we got home we booked her in for a bath and brush service with Houndology and she came back looking like a new dog. They were friendly and caring to both my own and Beau's needs and I found them professional and thorough in every aspect of the service.
    Alan Hunter - Newquay, Cornwall, UK


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